Our mission is to inspire and build a more ethical society through human development, community engagement and social enterprise. The Adinkra Symbol Ethics Mirror is our foundation for teaching, learning and interacting with the world through programs and social business.

Dreaming Out Loud is currently implementing the AyaUplift Project: an innovative and integrated approach to food access, urban farming and “healthy food hub” social enterprise within underserved, urban communities. We have a broad vision for the AyaUplift Project, but we are approaching it with measured steps. 

What’s Happening Now?

  • Aya Community Markets – is a farmers market and holistic health experience. With Aya, we are re-imagining the farmers market experience, while working with “food desert” and “low-access” communities to help provide fresh produce, generate sustainable employment and open gateways to community health resources that residents need to get healthy and stay healthy.

Where We’ve Been 

Walking the Dream Path 

Walking Dream Path, our first ever program, was designed to construct decent, ethical, and productive people using a holistic approach: encompassing academics, multi-media and arts, the environment, and more. The aim was to help guide participant’s thoughts and behaviors towards family, friends, community, and the greater world through a period of ethical reflection centered around the Adinkra Symbol Ethics Mirror.

Project Dream Green

During the summer of 2010 Dreaming Out Loud and Groundwork Anacostia River DC hosted 72 youth participants ages 14-21 who worked throughout Ward 7 in Washington, DC to improve their community, the environment and themselves. In a six-week period during these organizations partnered with the District Department of the Environment’s Green Summer Jobs Corps to provide a substantive and enriching experience for the participants, compiling some impressive numbers along the way.